• Custom Handmade Quilts

    Quilt design and creation
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Custom Handmade Quilts

Ready Made Quilts

A Cushion in Every Colour

Ice-dyed, Colourful and Comfy

Get ready for a cosy night in

Home (n): a place of love and comfort

A place to relax, to have loved ones over, to curl up with a book, and to be surrounded by all your favorite things. A place just for you.

Our handcrafted cushions and quilts are more than just home decor; they are expressions of your personality, moments of relaxation, and bursts of joy. From the soothing touch of velvet to the intricacy of our unique designs, each piece embodies the spirit of warmth and artistry. Let us paint your world with cosy elegance, inviting you to unwind, inspire, and cocoon yourself in the embrace of all things cosy.

Welcome to a world where comfort and creativity intertwine –

Welcome to Colour Me Cosy

Viva La Vida

Down the Garden Path

Come Fly with Me

Colours to Dye For

The Art of Ice Dyeing

Sometimes, store bought fabric just isn't the right fit for what you need. Sometimes, you need to make your own to create something truly special! Ice dyeing allows me to get that perfect colour fit while being so wonderfully unique, so that every quilt is a one-of-a-kind delight

Colourful Wearables

And it's not just quilts! Get ready for the ultimate relaxing experience with these ice dyed shirts, hoodies and bamboo socks. Keep warm and fabulous in these incomparably comfortable wearables!

CMC and Sustainability

How I aim to keep Colour Me Cosy sustainable

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