Colour Me Cosy and Sustainability

It was only very recently, during 2022, that I came to realize just how the little choices we make every day make very big impacts on our climate and environments. I had been living in a very comfortable bubble where climate change wasn't really a thing that was happening, and had never even considered what CMC could be doing to stop damaging the environment and help it thrive instead.

That's changing now.

My goals for CMC are:

  • phase out our current packaging materials to ones that are eco-friendly, like compostable or recycled packaging 
  • make sure that the fabrics used to make our delectable cushions are ethically sourced
  • taking a stand and having a voice when it comes to policies that the government is making about the climate

I will be updating this page as I complete these goals and add new ones, so watch this space. Exciting things are happening!

Update 2024: 

Colour Me Cosy now uses Hero packaging for all our parcels! These are home-compostable, zero-waste packaging products that are also kinda cute. Hero packaging is a Certified B Corporation, Carbon Neutral, and their products are certified compostable to the highest global standards. 

Hero packaging instructions


While I would love to have cute, branded and unboxing video worthy packaging, having a healthy earth wins out. I know its a few extra steps to properly compost your mailer, but I hope you will take the time, and make the difference x