Quilt Gallery

Want a handmade quilt to grace your couch, but not sure of the style? Here is a selection of the custom quilts I have made; I hope they inspire you! If you see a design you love and would like it in your favourite colours please let me know, I would love to make it for you x 


Diamond of the First Water

I absolutely love this quilt pattern, and also this particular colour blend. The fade brings to mind the colours flowing from bush to sea, two of my favourite places to sit and be still. 

What the Hex

Can you have a favourite shape? Because mine are hexagons, and so I just had to design a quilt to celebrate them! There are so many colour blends that look amazing in this design, an incredible contrasting combo being blue and orange, or a more monochrome vibe with shades of your favourite colour (mine is purple).

What the Hex, pt 2

This quilt was inspired by a striking photo of a vase of flowers against a black background. The colours and composition appealed to me, and this version of What the Hex was created. It showcases how unique and personal your quilt can be, through the careful use and placement of colour.

Birds of a Feather

A quilt doesn't have to be full of colour to be stunning. This design thrives with a limited colour palette, allowing the hand dyed fabric to shine. Quietly dramatic, this quilt is always a delight to sew.


Another example of a mostly monochrome colour blend, with the soft blue the only touch of colour. Whatever patterned fabric you choose for this quilt will look amazing when paired with a solid neutral and complimentary ice dyed fabric. 

An Ode to Shower Time

Would you believe that this delightful quilt was inspired by the towel I had when I was 22? I spent every shower thinking it would make the best quilt pattern, and I was right! The blue/teal/purple blend pays homage to the watery birth of this design.

Hip to be Square

Oh, how fun to play with colour! This quilt design allows you to have as many colours as you wish in the one quilt, to let enthusiasm and creative freedom to flow.


A few years ago I went to New Zealand with a friend, and every town that we went to I bought a little square of fabric. This quilt is full of memories, and the gorgeous colours and patterns of the country.