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Sundown - Handmade Boho Quilt with Mink Backing

Sundown - Handmade Boho Quilt with Mink Backing

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Elevate your space with our uniquely designed quilt featuring intricate geometric patterns and a bohemian vibe. Each piece is crafted from ice-dyed fabric, hand dyed in a mesmerizing blend of blues, greens, and earthy purple/browns. With colours that evoke serene skies, nature's tranquility, and earthy warmth and meticulously sewn onto a mink blanket for extra comfort, this lap quilt is an invitation to rest and relax in style and comfort.

The meticulous hand stitching on the binding ensures exceptional quality and a unique heirloom feel. Whether you're seeking a statement piece for your living room or a cherished addition to your bedroom, this handmade quilt with mink backing promises warmth, comfort, and a touch of artistic flair. An indulgent addition to Colour Me Cosy's handcrafted quilts is that unlike the traditional method of cotton wadding, our quilts are backed by a plush mink fabric for infinite comfort and extra snuggly-ness. 

If this quilt doesn't quite catch your fancy; Colour Me Cosy also offers custom lap quilts, designed to suit your personality and home. (These are my favourite to create!) With personal consultations about the design, colours and fabric choices, you will receive a quilt that is uniquely you. 

Quilt details: 100% cotton fabric, mink backing

Quilt dimensions: 120cm x 120cm

Care instructions: gentle machine wash, line drying or laying flat to dry is preferable

Each quilt is personally made by me, so please allow up to 14 days before shipping.

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