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Garden Path - Handmade Quilt and Cushion Bundle

Garden Path - Handmade Quilt and Cushion Bundle

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Introducing Down the Garden Path Quilt – Where cosy comfort meets playful geometry!

Step into a world of enchantment with our Down the Garden Path Quilt Bundle! This bundle is a charming fusion of nature's hues and snuggly goodness, designed to transport you down a cosy garden path of comfort and style.

Imagine nestling into a realm of pure comfort, surrounded by not one, not two, but three luxurious velvet cushions. The light brown cushions invite you to unwind with their earthy charm, while the hunter green cushion adds a pop of lush color. It's like bringing a piece of the serene outdoors right into your living space.

But there's more to this bundle – behold the centerpiece, the Down the Garden Path Quilt! Sewn onto a luscious mink blanket, this quilt is a stroll through an imaginary garden, where florals and whimsy intertwine. It's like owning a masterpiece of cosiness that's as delightful as a walk in the park.

Our team of quilting magicians (meanging me) have worked their stitching magic, bringing this garden-inspired quilt to life. The result? A quilt and cushion bundle that's not just comfortable, it will leave you ready to snuggle and relax. Whether draped over your bed or spread across your favorite reading nook, this bundle promises to be a heartwarming tapestry of comfort and joy.

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