5 Shades Of Boho

5 Shades Of Boho

Now that we've gone through the different elements of the boho style and the colours usually associated with the style, it's time to get inspired! Here are 5 different ways to use your boho colours, from calm and neutral to bright and happy with some cushion suggestions for each colour blend. 

1. Soft Creams

Neutral boho lounge room decor
This colour scheme pulled mostly from the neutral section of the colour palette. Creams, off white and beige are the mainstays, and any hints of colour are in super soft shades. Some cushions that would compliment these colours can be found here.

2. Sunny Yellows

Colour Me Cosy - mustard boho
More specially, mustard! This colour blend is so happy, and brings memories of gorgeous sunsets (because who is awake for sunrises?!). Yellows, golds, peaches, rusts, anything warm and delicious. Check out these cushions for all the sunset yumminess!

3. Romantic Pinks

Colour Me Cosy - Soft Pinks
By adding some pinks to your boho decor it adds some softness, creating a more soothing feel. Pair it with gold for extra warmth, or pale green for a natural, peaceful vibe. Want to see which colours blend with pink well? Take a look at this collection.

4. Peaceful Blues

Colour Me Cosy- peaceful blues
Bring nature inside with these gorgeous shades of blue and green! Paired with soft neutrals, it brings to mind trips down the coast. Or add more green and remember the last time you went on a bush walk and was gobsmacked by all the gorgeous colours of the bush. Whichever blend you desire, you will find your perfect colour in this collection.

5. Perfect Purple

Colour Me Cosy - Perfect Purple
My favourite colour is purple, so I couldn't do a post about colour blends and not include it! Mysterious, luxurious and just plain wonderful, there are so many reasons to add a smattering of purple to your boho decor. Feel decadent with these cushions.

+1. Funky Boho

Colour Me Cosy - Funky boho 
This is what you get when you ask the AI for boho decor with bright purple. It's certainly funky! Would you decorate your lounge room like this?
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