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Home Sweet Boho Home - Key Elements of Bohemian Decor

When you think of boho décor, what are the first things that pop into your head? For me it’s plants, lots of plants, patterns and textures everywhere, more plants, a lot of vintage furniture and décor, and a delicious colour palette. With yet more plants.
Colour Me Cosy - Boho Decor Plants

(Am I jealous of boho enthusiasts ability to keep plants alive? Yes. Yes I am.)

 The boho style is more than a décor style though, it’s also a life vibe complete with gorgeous flowy clothes in natural colours and materials, turquoise jewelry to make your heart sing and incredible windswept hair. While I aspire to all of that and in my dreams I often imagine that I am that free spirited, unfortunately that is just not my natural style. The day that I discovered that long lace dresses just don’t look any good on me was truly a sorrowful day for me. *sad eyes*

But despite that, I still absolutely love it. If you live and breathe bohemian carefreeness but are a little unsure on how to reflect that in your home, here are a few key elements of the boho décor style:

Comfortable furniture 

The most standout part of the boho vibe, for me at least, is comfort. Think textiles, velvets, corduroy, woven rugs, knit throws, anything with texture that just makes you want to snuggle deeper. Vintage furniture like overstuffed couches, distressed leather, chairs with a bold pattern, footstools. The keys are character and comfort.

Colour Me Cosy - Home Sweet Boho Home Furniture



Bold, deep, warm colours like rust, orange, oche, brown and turquoise are the mainstay of the boho style. Desert colours, as you were. The patterns are big, the colours are bold, and the look is scrumptious. Don’t forget to add lots of natural tones, creams, pale browns, to soften all the boldness and pattern. You want to be lovingly surrounded by your décor, not completely overwhelmed by everything being all too much. 

Patterned Tiles


Think soft and warm. If your overhead lights are cool and bright and you don’t have the option to change them, lamps are your best friend. Secondhand stores are your second-best friend. Picture vintage brass, or ratan, anything with a bit of old charm. Mix and match the heights, a tall one next to your couch, a short one on the side table, hanging lights for an extra fabulous touch. And candles on the coffee table! Has anyone ever been accused of having too many lamps or candles? (That was a rhetorical question. The fact that I have been accused of having too many candles is irrelevant to this conversation.)

Cosy room with lots of warm lightingHanging Lamp


This is where the plants come in! Bring nature inside, with plants, woven baskets, wood tones. The bohemian style tends to draw a lot of inspiration from across the world in both the colours and the decorative items such as tapestries, beaded curtains, layers of rugs on the floor. Any place that you travel to bring back a souvenir, even if it’s just to a town an hour away. These are all memories, and help your home to be full of meaning and happiness.


Colour Me Cosy - Home Sweet Boho Home Decor


Those are some starting points for your boho journey, I hope they help you narrow down all the choices out there! If this is your vibe, please tag me @colourmecosy so I can see your gorgeous home, and stare longingly at any living plants you have...

Cosy lounge room with lots of plants
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