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Redback - Bargello Quilt and Cushion Bundle

Redback - Bargello Quilt and Cushion Bundle

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Introducing the Redback Quilt Bundle – Where Intrigue Meets Cosy Comfort.

Dive into the depths of mystery and comfort with the Redback Quilt Bundle. This bundle is a symphony of enigmatic allure and snuggly goodness, designed to transform your space into a cave of stylish intrigue and relaxation.

Imagine enveloping yourself in the shadowy embrace of the bargello quilt, its captivating design whispering tales of secrets and intensity. And that's not all – nestled alongside are three luxurious velvet cushions. The timeless elegance of black, the pristine purity of white, and the soothing calm of grey unite to create a trio that complements the quilt's gothic charm.

Each cushion adds its own unique character to the ensemble. The black, like a shadowy muse, brings depth to your space. The white, like a whisper of light, adds a touch of ethereal beauty. The grey, like a calming breeze, infuses your abode with tranquility. Add a touch of gothic elegance to your home and let the shadows and softness take your space to a whole new level.

I channeled my inner quilting sorcerer and wove my spell into the quilt, stitching the design onto a plush mink blanket. The result? A bundle that's not just warm, but an enchanting fusion of colours, comfort, and skill that will leave you spellbound.

The Redback quilt and cushion bundle is more than just a bundle; it's a journey into a world of mystique and relaxation. Whether draped over your bed or gracefully arranged on your couch, this bundle promises to be a symphony of allure and comfort.

Made from 100% cotton fabric with mink backing. Each quilt is personally made by me, so please allow up to 14 days before shipping.

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