The One With Mindful Decor and Great Excitement

The One With Mindful Decor and Great Excitement

Mindful decor. 

When I discovered this term recently I was so excited, I just had to message my friends to tell them allllllll about mindful decor :D

The reason I was so excited was because for years I have been making quilts and cushions, focusing particularly on the colours I used and the feeling they could give you. Trying to explain to people the intention behind my quilts honestly made me feel a little kooky at times. 'This quilt was inspired by the beach at sunset and the colours were chosen to invoke those feelings of fun, friendship and a warm summer breeze?' *raised eyebrows and looks skeptical* *I then feel embarrassed and either overexplain, or quickly ask them a question to move the conversation on*

Hopefully if you are here something resonates with you about being intentional about what you surround yourself with, the colours, the textures, the smells, all the things that give you have special feeling of home. 

It's that feeling, that's why I make my quilts the way I do. That's why I spend ages agonizing over colours and patterns, why I started dying my own fabric so I could get that particular shade I was searching for. I want my quilts to be unique and special to you, to add to that feeling of home. 

So that's why finding the term 'mindful decor' was exciting!!!! Now I have something that everyone will understand!! (spoiler, not everyone one understands. I still have to explain the concept fairly often, but I don't mind that so much.)

 Over the next little while I will be breaking down about how to be mindful in your decor, how to have fun with colour and to use colour psychology to make your space 100% your own. 

I'm excited! This going to be fun, and the perfect excuse to sew yet more quilts... 😉

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