10 Popular Home Decor Styles + 1 That's New To Me...

10 Popular Home Decor Styles + 1 That's New To Me...

Happy New Year!!

Can you believe that it's 2024 already!? Another year, another opportunity to attempt to keep my house tidy... Sigh. If you're anything like me, one of your new year resolutions is to finally bite the bullet to redecorate and put all those Pinterest boards to good use. 

Open a home decor magazine or blog (like this one! Hi! *waves happily*), and there will be a few main decor styles talked about. And yet, despite the many articles I have read I still struggle to narrow down which style is which, and what makes each one so distinctive. So in an attempt to help both of us, here is a quick overview of 11 different styles.

10 Popular Home Decor Styles + 1 That's New To Me...

1. Boho

Colour Me Cosy - Boho Decor style
This one had to be the first, I absolutely love boho! The colours are bright, mixed with patterns, textures and cultural elements from your travels. It's a very laid-back style, and hugely inspired by nature and the outdoors. The keywords I would give the boho style is eclectic, free-spirited and natural. 

2. Scandinavian

Colour Me Cosy - Scandi Decor Style

When I think Scandi decor, I think hygge. Warmth, comfort, softness are all key elements, with a fairly neutral colour palette. It's not cold, rather full of tactile textures, natural lighting and materials to give it a very homey feel. The style is clean and uncluttered, which I could not keep up, but I love the look! The keywords for the Scandi style is minimalistic, cosy and functional. 

3. Coastal

Colour Me Cosy - Coastal Home Style
The coastal and Hamptons design styles are very similar, the same lightness and colours pulled straight from the ocean (so many blues and whites), the natural materials. Where they differ is the vibe. The Hamptons are more traditional while coastal is more laid-back and easygoing, here for a good time. The key points for coast is relaxed, nautical (of course!) and light and airy. 

4. Mid-century Modern

Colour Me Cosy - Mid Century Modern Decor Style

I for the longest time did not know what mid-century modern decor was. Why I didn't look it up as soon as I wondered instead of waiting until now, I do not know! What I do know now is that this design style is pulled from the 50's and 60's (that's the mid-century part) and that it is a mix of clean lines and luxury. The fabrics are rich in colour and texture, the furniture is quirky yet practical. I will do a whole post on this style because I am very intrigued, but the take-away points for now are sleek, iconic and quirkily functional. 

5. French Country

Colour Me Cosy - French Country Design Style

Now this, French country decor style, is cute. If you've ever dreamed about a little cottage in the country somewhere, it was probably decorated in this style. It's distressed furniture, floral patterns, soft colours, with little ornate details... *swoons in a romantic fashion* Some keywords for French country is rustic, elegant and sun-washed.

6. Industrial

Colour Me Cosy - Industrial Decor Style

 Every time I see industrial style homes in movies I am filled with awe. The windows, the exposed brick and pipes and just the overall moodiness of it? Love. Pure love. And if I ever get the opportunity to live in an abandoned, converted warehouse, you can bet your cute tush that I will take it! But for now, some key elements of the industrial home style is urban, raw and utilitarian.

7. Contemporary

Colour Me Cosy - Contemporary Design Style

The contemporary design style might be the one that requires the most upkeep. It's clean, fresh, filled with new designs and staying very on trend. It's the epitome of modern, with furniture made from a range of materials, colours and forms. Keywords for the contemporary decor style are (but first, can we take a moment to talk about how hard it is to type contemporary repeatedly? Because it is) sleek, innovative and sophisticated. 

8. Traditional 

Colour Me Cosy - Traditional Home Style

The traditional style is, well, traditional. It is characterized by refined furniture, intricate details, symmetry and rich textures. A lot of inspiration is pulled from historical styles, and it has a more formal, timeless feel to the home. The main elements for the traditional home style would be classic, elegant and graceful.   

9. Modern Farmhouse

Colour Me Cosy - Modern Farmhouse Decor style

Modern farmhouse is a very popular home decor style. It's warm, rustic and cosy with traditional elements mixed in. Often a family home, there is oversized furniture, clean lines, soft textiles, mostly natural materials and a fairly neutral colour palette. The main elements for a modern farmhouse is rustic, contemporary and comfortable. 

10.  Minimalist

Colour Me Cosy - Minimalist Decor Style

This is a decor style that would not suit my personality at all, but I do appreciate the look. Minimalist design is simple, clean, uncluttered, and beautiful. The colours are quiet and serene, and furniture is interesting yet practical. Why add to the space unless it serves a purpose? Things to keep in mind when decorating a minimalist space is simplicity, functionality and neutral.

And the one I only recently discovered...

11. Maximalist

Colour Me Cosy - Maximalist Decor Style

How did I not know about this?! It's me, but in decor form! Full of things that make you happy, bright colours, striking patterns, statements being made everywhere. Hardly anything matches but it's luxurious, indulgent and fun! The keywords for the maximalist style is bold, eclectic and opulent. 


I hope this quick overview of some of the different home decor styles helps! Of course, these home styles aren't hard and fast rules. If you want to mix styles, go ahead! You can turn each decor style into something that fills your needs and is uniquely yours, but sometimes I find that it is helpful to know what the basic guidelines are before I personalise it to me. 

My favourites styles would have to be boho and maximalist, they're both care-free, natural, colourful, and being a bit messy/cluttered isn't a bad thing with those styles! Tell me, which ones do you love?

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