Trianga-lovers Quilt

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Introducing the Trianglovers Quilt – Where big triangles and big snuggles meet!

Hold onto your cosiness hats because the Trianglovers Quilt is here to blow you away! This quilt is all about embracing the love for triangles – and we mean LARGE triangles! Get ready to be wrapped in a snuggly paradise as you snuggle up with this masterpiece sewn onto a mink blanket.

Designing this quilt was like a fabulous geometry party! Countless hours of triangle-tastic fun were spent crafting a pattern that screams modern chic with a dash of whimsy. These big, bold triangles overlap in perfect harmony to create a mesmerizing dance of shapes that will steal the show in any room!

Using wizardry of the sewing machine, this grand design has come to life. Each triangle is meticulously (sometimes frustratingly) sewn as the quilt top, which was then sewn onto the plush mink blanket. The binding around the edge was handsewn down, ensuring that every detail is picture-perfect. The result? A masterpiece that's as snugly as it is stunning!

The Trianga-lovers Quilt is more than just a snuggly delight; it's an artful statement piece that elevates your space to a whole new level of cool. Whether draped over your favorite reading nook or proudly displayed on your bed, this quilt is a vibrant celebration of modern design and ultimate comfort.

Indulge in the heartwarming charm of the Trianga-lovers Quilt and experience the joy of handmade touch. Add a touch of warmth and colour to your home and let the soft quilt fill your heart with cosy delight.

Each Trianga-Lovers Quilt can be made to your exact colour preferences, from green and gold to black and red. I would love to create a quilt unique to you and your home, let's see what gorgeous quilts we can make together!

135cm x 160cm

Made from 100% cotton with mink backing. Each quilt is personally made by me, so please allow up to 14 days before shipping.