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Viva La Vida Quilt

Viva La Vida Quilt

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Introducing the Viva La Vida Quilt – Where geometric diamonds meet snuggle-worthy bliss!

Inspired by the mesmerizing earrings worn by Marta in the movie Vivo, this quilt is a love letter to all things shiny, cozy, and fabulous. Get ready to wrap yourself in pure bliss as you snuggle up with this masterpiece sewn onto a mink blanket.

Designing this quilt was like diving into a treasure trove of inspiration! Countless hours were painstakingly spent doing the math to meticulously arrange and overlap the large diamonds to capture the essence of elegance and playfulness. Each diamond sparkles with its own unique geometric pattern, creating a dazzling tapestry that will make your heart skip a beat.

Our team of quilt artisans (meaning me), armed with needles and thread, poured their creativity and skill into bringing this vision to life. Every diamond is sewn with precision onto the sumptuously soft mink blanket, ensuring a harmonious symphony of comfort and style before being finished with the binding edge being handsewn down. The result is a masterpiece that shimmers with warmth and sophistication.

The Dazzle Diamond Quilt is more than just a cosy quilt; it's a sparkling tribute to your unique style. Its large, overlapping diamond pattern adds a touch of glamorous charm to any space. Whether draped over your bed or cocooned on the couch, this quilt will make you feel like a true star.

Indulge in the heartwarming enchantment of the Viva La Vida Quilt and experience the joy of a handmade creation. Add a touch of lighthearted elegance to your home and let the diamonds weave their magic around you.

    Each Viva La Vida Quilt can be made to your exact colour preferences, from green and gold to black and red. I would love to create a quilt unique to you and your home, let's see what gorgeous quilts we can make together!

    120cm x 150cm

    Made from 100% cotton with mink backing. Each quilt is personally made by me, so please allow up to 14 days before shipping.

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